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Build Your K12 Learning Platform with One Trusted Partner

Streamline platform development with Magic's end-to-end services and AI expertise.

  • AI-enabled development
  • Secure and scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Expert post-launch support
  • Born secure products

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    • 400+ custom learning platforms designed and developed
    • End-to-end development and testing
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    Who we work with

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    Accelerate Learning

    Partner with us for scalable, secure, and accessible eLearning platforms tailored to your needs. With a proven track record and a team adept at crafting solutions for diverse devices, we deliver excellence in custom development.

    Trust our QE Center of Excellence for rigorous testing and AI-driven efficiency, ensuring ‘First Time Right’ delivery of your platform. With dedicated experts and cutting-edge tools, we minimize bugs and optimize quality, saving time and costs.

    Crafting user-centric custom learning platforms, we merge technical prowess with insights into diverse user behaviors across devices. Our dedicated accessibility team ensures compliance with WCAG and other standards, delivering inclusive products from project inception.

    Our development team integrates data feedback mechanisms into your platforms, enabling deep insights into user behavior. Leveraging Machine Learning, we transform this data into actionable intelligence, empowering you to measure progress and optimize your offerings effectively.

    Empower your educational platform with our scalable solutions for personalized assessments, whether you’re starting fresh or upgrading. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, engage learners with tailored assessments, and adapt to your unique needs.

    Accelerate product development and enhance outcomes with our blend of responsible AI and expert support. Harness our AI services to scale development, testing, security, and more, ensuring efficient and effective platform advancement tailored to your needs.

    Why Us

    End-to-End Project Consultation

    Turn your vision into reality with our tech consultation team, crafting tailored eLearning solutions. Benefit from our expertise in technology selection, UX design, and market strategy for a successful platform.

    High-Performance Tech Teams

    Our dedicated team, seasoned in EdTech, ensures your platform's success. With vast experience and our platform, MagicBox, serving millions, we provide stability and expertise to keep your project on course.

    Born Secure Products

    We ensure platform security at every level, from server to application, following agile practices to meet COPPA and FERPA standards, ensuring safe learning environments.

    Cloud Services and Infrastructure

    Upgrade your learning platform with our seamless cloud transition, ensuring reliability, security, and cost optimization. Trust our expert team for tailored cloud solutions.

    Tight Schedules and Open Communication

    With top-notch project management and transparent pricing, we ensure effective planning and cost control, drawing on our experience with leading publishers and EdTech firms.

    Post Development Support

    Beyond development, we offer ongoing platform management and maintenance, ensuring seamless scalability and long-term success as your platform evolves.

    Long-Lasting Partnerships


    Clients served over the past three decades. Find out what keeps them coming back to us.

    "When we looked at the market that we had opportunities in, we easily enough understood that we required additional LMS capability. Magic EdTech is in the Educational Technology space and Magic EdTech has helped us wade through some of the complexity that comes with it.

    Magic was able to put a team in place quickly. We were able to have the team analyze and respond to our requirements and begin to technically design and connect our complex educational product quickly."

    — Rick Lamb President, Slooh

    “ I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Magic for several years, over several projects, and the experience has been outstanding. Magic has provided us with several critical services, including developing reasonably simple digital games, developing highly complicated and involved interactive simulations, upgrading and improving existing digital content, and translation services for our science and math education materials. I have enjoyed working with Magic, and I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.”

    — Jason Maxwell Vice President at Accelerate Learning, Inc.

    “In 2020, we had an opportunity to make significant investments in our technology. That required engineering talent beyond our capacity. Recognizing that the projects spanned different aspects of our business, it was important that we engage with a firm that had significant Education Technology expertise. We reviewed proposals from several engineering firms and found that Magic Software offered a mix of domain and technical expertise to meet our needs. In the past six months, Magic EdTech has helped us on several projects and promise to be a factor in our continued success.”

    — Mike Rodbell Vice President, Technology at Explore Learning

    “Magic EdTech has become an invaluable partner to StudySync, providing accessibility and web publishing services with skill, precision, and expediency, beyond what we ever imagined. Our Magic team is a delight to work with and is incredibly thorough in flawlessly managing and executing the abundance of tasks we ask of them. Communication and responsiveness are top-notch. Magic has helped reduce managerial burden, and a great deal of staff stress. My only hesitation in endorsing Magic is that I want them all to myself!”

    — Jay King COO at StudySync

    “I have been working with the Magic team since 2017 as a solutions manager for Pearson Education. They have been an essential partner, helping us to develop a brand new authoring tool.

    They are consistently a professional, caring, and dedicated team to work with. We absolutely could not be where we are today without their hard work.”

    — Kira Marbit Narrative Authoring Solutions Manager at Pearson


    Our team includes seasoned professionals with a strong track record, having built and deployed MagicBox, serving millions worldwide. We prioritize continuity, stability, and delivering high-quality solutions.

    We ensure scalability, security, and accessibility through robust infrastructure design, development best practices, privacy/security commitments, and rigorous testing. Prioritizing scalability and user growth, we implement stringent security measures and follow WCAG guidelines for inclusivity.

    Yes, our platforms are device-agnostic, ensuring compatibility with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We prioritize responsive design and compatibility testing for optimal user experience.

    Our QE Center operates separately from development and is staffed with experts who use manual and automated testing, including AI tools, to assess platform quality rigorously. This ensures high standards, minimal bugs, and effective e-learning solutions.

    We prioritize a user-centric approach using the Shift Left technique. With over 30 years of experience, we ensure engaging and intuitive learning experiences. Our dedicated accessibility team ensures compliance with standards, promoting inclusivity.

    We integrate learning analytics through MagicQuant, providing diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive insights. This empowers learner success, measures progress, optimizes content delivery, and enhances outcomes.

    Our AI-enhanced educational platform development accelerates processes and improves outcomes by integrating AI into features like content recommendation engines and adaptive learning algorithms, enhancing personalization and efficiency.

    Start by scheduling a consultation with us. We'll discuss your project's requirements, goals, and timelines, and provide tailored recommendations and a roadmap.

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