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Product Operations Manager

The Product Manager will help lead the team working cross-functionally to bring a new product (platform) to market. He / She will ensure that the Client and development teams work together closely to bring the product from ideation through all phases to release.

Experience Range

  • 8+ years

Salary Range

  • $75K to $120K


  • Boston area


  • Contract full-time
  • Duration ca. 7 months, but could be renewed
  • Work full-time at the Client’s location

Role/Job Description

  • Primary responsibility is to support Client’s Product Manager and Head of Technology by collecting and transmitting requirements, user stories, documentation, etc., for a major platform project
  • Work with Offshore Agile team located in India to ensure clear communication, good documentation of requirements and user stories being done and placed
  • Create effective communication workflows using standard tools such as Slack, Jira / Yodiz (Agile Project Management tool), etc.
  • Ensure communication and facilitation across design, client, engineering, and product teams
  • Work with multiple vendors on project
  • Support UAT with Acceptance Criteria and reporting back to development team on fixes needed
  • Serve as a key expert to the whole team, and maintain an up-to-date centralized repository of information about the product to drive visibility and alignment
  • Relieve the Client’s Product Manager and Head of Technology of as much of the administrative burden as possible


  • Minimum three years of experience in Technical Product Management
  • Familiarity with elementary education a plus
  • Skilled at communicating across multiple teams and varying levels of stakeholders
  • Experience with cross functional collaboration and negotiation
  • Hyper-organized and capable of juggling multiple tasks
  • Experience working with Agile/Scrum teams
  • Comfortable in using Planning tools like, MPP, Smartsheet, or similar tools
  • Experience using Agile Project management tools, like, JIRA, Yodiz etc.