The world's oldest publishing house and the second largest university press in the world. It is an academic and educational publisher with a global presence and offices in more than 40 countries, publishing over 50,000 titles by authors from over 100 countries.

Business Requirement

A requirement to create CD and Intranet-based product to enable school teachers to use the standard print books in an interactive manner. The print was to be enhanced with use of rich multimedia animations, slideshows, and interactivities integrated within the eBooks. This product was to also allow teachers to add their external resources and prepare customized lesson plans for organizing their classroom teaching sessions.


  • Magic EdTech implemented a strategy to build a flex-based product as a core shell with 120+ titles integrated using varied color themes.
  • Shell features were designed–Teacher’s Dashboard, Lesson Planner, Annotation Toolbar, Previewing options, IWB mode etc.
  • Magic EdTech enriched all titles by developing 350+ flash-based animations and 2200+ templatized interactivities.
  • Each title was packaged as an installable CD product for Windows (standalone and intranet), Mac, and Linux (standalone and intranet) usage.

Key Highlights

  • This robust product covered a wide range of environments for the Asian market.
  • Animations were prepared in a way that enables use as both standalone learning objects and embedded elements in the product.
  • Interactivities were developed in two formats–Flash and HTML5–with a future vision of upgrading the product into latest technology.