Magic EdTech's Customer Interaction Management solutions are a one-step solution for Tier-One Help Desk support for digital mobile products. It is proactive, not reactionary.

Integrated Helpdesk

  • Upgrade and integrate with industry-standard ticketing tools like Freshdesk, Zendesk, Salesforce or Jira
  • One-click ticket generation from the apps
  • Automatic data collection from the app for faster and more accurate resolution

Industry Context

  • Extensive experience with content, content engineering and distribution platforms
  • Experience with supporting over 2 million students in the United States

Reporting and Analytics

  • Help Desk service measures and delivers business impact, resulting in higher sales and superior customer experience
  • Spot surveys to understand user behavior
  • Meticulous competition analysis and benchmark reports

Digital content has created a paradigm shift, connecting end users to content authors in ways that were not possible in the print world. The ever-changing ecosystem consisting of devices, operating systems, hardware & content formats for digital learning products have made the traditional support models obsolete. Magic EdTech's customer interaction management revolutionizes how mobile learning products are supported.


  • Prompt solution for customer queries within the app, platform, eBook, and DLO
  • Upgrade to industry-standard ticketing tools
  • One-click ticket generation
  • Self-service using context sensitive help


  • Experienced support teams available onshore, nearshore, and offshore
  • Improved quality of self-service support on a month-to-month basis
  • Increased customer engagement and business impact
  • Identify upsell opportunities to enhance customer experience

Improve and Engage

  • Improve quality of application using advanced analytics
  • Enhance application's ability to track and collect useful data using latest APIs like Tin Can
  • Spot surveys to understand user behavior
  • Meticulous competition analysis and benchmark reports
  • Advanced data analysis on upsell and cross sell opportunities

Creating a Difference in the Way You Interact with Your Customers