Why is video-based learning important during this pandemic?

Sanghita Das May 13, 2021

The tables have turned, and schools are shut around the world since the Covid-19 pandemic began. E-learning has gained momentum where digital learning videos are indispensable. Video-based learning is making concepts more interesting and accessible.

It has decreased the distance between schools and homes.

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What is video-based learning?

It is a form of learning which fosters knowledge and skills via videos. It is no longer an option but a need. Kids, teens, and adults prefer videos over reading. They make the concept more vibrant and engaging.

Why use video-based learning?

  • Builds background knowledge
  • Offers enriched text excerpts
  • Enhances learning

Why is video-based learning effective?

  • Videos use both auditory and visual cues. The visuals remain the main source of information, and the audio elaborates them. 
  • Shorter and smaller videos are more suitable. This is called micro-learning. The learning happens in small bites, in short bursts of content, providing specific information.
  • Thoughtfully designed videos ensure continuity, consistency, thus conveying a coherent message. This helps learners in retaining better. 
  • Videos enable pull-based on-the-go learning. These videos can be watched anywhere, offline or online, and on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.  
  • Closed captioning helps in transcription, which helps in the application of the concepts in a better way.
  • Proficiency is increased via digital literacy and communication, which are important skills. 
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What should we, the content designers, keep in mind while using videos?

  • Be clear about the purpose.
  • Focus on dynamic, engaging, and informative content. It’s not only about beauty but information too.
  • Engage learners.
  • Ensure that you engage them by asking questions and other inputs.
  • Pause to reflect, discuss and write. 
  • Pause the video in between to make sure that learners are reflecting upon the concepts. Stirring discussions and making them write is another way for them to reflect.
  • Introduce a flow between concepts and topics to make learning more cohesive.
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What makes video-based learning trendy and relevant?

The answer is simple. It is shorter, crispier, and engaging. It is continuously changing the way of learning.

Sanghita Das

Content Designer at Magic EdTech