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No matter what digital product you create, one of the inputs that you’ll need is high quality media assets.

Be it a Digital Game or an Interactive eBook or even the state of art Virtual Reality products, creative media is a critical component of digital products today.

High quality Educational Media doesn’t just happen. It takes a team of Educational Experts, User Experience Specialists, Instructional Designers & Creative assets to create them.

We design high volumes of media assets for our clients. These include images, animations, videos, 3D Models, Graphics, and many more.

When it comes to designing creative assets, each client has their own taste and branding nuances, we understand that and provide services that are completely customized to their needs.

In addition to individual preferences, cultural preferences play an important role in shaping the right digital assets. To ensure that we cater to that, our team includes a local design expert who works with our offshore team to ensure that we get the design right.

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Key Highlights

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In addition to the designers, our team includes user experience specialists, instructional designers, and subject matter experts. This helps us get the context and the learning experience right.

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We understand that the media needs can be sporadic in nature and requires scaling up pretty quickly. We’ve prepared for that and can deliver high quality media in a relatively short span of time given our previous experience of working on similar projects

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One of the biggest challenges of getting the right design team is the constant feedback loops between the designers to ensure that the final product has come out right. This can be time consuming and quite frustrating for both the parties involved. We ensure that we spend a lot of time understanding your tastes and preferences upfront so that we don’t have to undergo these painful back and forths throughout the project duration.

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In addition to helping you create new assets, we can also help revamp your existing assets and make them more relevant and user friendly.

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Nishant Mudgal

Nishant is an excellence-driven, creative management executive with broad and rich experience in Animation production, Art direction, print, and technology development. He is a versatile leader focused on creating superior products, energized teams, IP development, and strong client relationships. Proven track record in building positive outcomes from both creative and organizational perspectives.

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Angela Kokis

Highly motivated Business Development Executive with experience in digital marketing, public relations, events, and relationship management taking on the ed-tech industry with Magic EdTech. She has a keen interest in identifying opportunities to offer digital access solutions and to provide educational tools for success.

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Anshula Dhingra

Extensive experience in ideating and architecting new products and design techniques, designing path-breaking learning techniques, and leading large teams. Anshula has experiential fluency in Instructional Design, Learning Analytics, and Learning Evaluation. She is accomplished at strategizing, designing, and delivering, a host of learning modalities including instructor-led materials, e-learning, scenario-based learning, gamed-based and gamified solutions, assessments, videos, infographics, blogs, and many more.