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Are you leveraging Moodle to its full potential?

Get the implementation and development services you need to drive learner success. Here’s how Magic EdTech helps you make the most of your Moodle platform.

Over 30 years of Domain Expertise

We provide you with the eLearning consulting support you need to drive learner-centric excellence from your Moodle.

End-to-end Tech and AI Support

Our edtech and AI expertise combine to bring an effortless and intuitive Moodle experience, replete with product integrations, analytics, and custom development solutions.

Custom Development Solutions

Get the expertise you need to bring your content to life. Our IDs, SMEs, developers personalize content and features to power great learning experiences.

Explore Endless Possibilities with a Fully Managed Moodle LMS

Our comprehensive Moodle service lets you focus on your core expertise – learning and development – while we care for the technology. From the initial design phase to platform configuration and successful launch, we are committed to creating a tailor-made LMS that precisely caters to your unique requirements.

Bring Your eLearning Content to Life

Off-the-shelf e-learning content might not always meet your specific training needs. Integrate AI to add personalized learning journeys that adapt to varied learning styles and needs. Our rapid content authoring service digitizes and adapts existing training materials, giving you multi-modal content that can be accessed across devices.

Add Custom Moodle Functions Features

Our expert development team creates and integrates innovative add-ons to extend the functionality of your Moodle platform. By collaborating with you, we identify areas of your business that can benefit from Moodle development, offering effective and efficient solutions to complex challenges.

Moodle Analytics

Change the way you get learner insights by integrating your Moodle with our AI & ML analytics platforms. Bring predictive and prescriptive analytics to your home screen through user-friendly, on-demand interfaces, and easy-to-read dashboards. Access real-time data to make informed decisions, improve the learner journey, and boost attainment.

Theme & Design

Up your LMS's aesthetic and functional value with our theme and design services. By applying user-centered design principles, we ensure that every platform aspect, from layout to navigation and accessibility, is structured to make it easy for learners, managers, and administrators to understand and engage.

Moodle Hosting

We provide tailored packages that guarantee high reliability and availability for your platform. Our managed service includes performance monitoring, regular upgrades and patches, secure backups and recovery, data protection, and real-time reporting.

Extended Support After Implementation

After the launch, we will continue actively participating in your LMS journey. Our team monitors performance, tracks learner activity, implements necessary upgrades, and provides ongoing support. We offer regular communication to help you stay informed about how your Moodle is utilized and how it can be further developed and enhanced.

Onboarding and Training

We understand the importance of user adoption. That’s why Magic EdTech offers guidance and training to administrators, course creators, and individual learners, ensuring effective and efficient onboarding.

  • AI-Driven Mastery for your Moodle

    While everyone uses custom plugins to extend the boundaries of Moodle, Magic EdTech plugins, infused with Machine Learning and Generative AI, take the whole learning process and experience to unprecedented levels.

  • Automate Onboarding

    Utilizing our proficiency in Machine Learning, we gather and unify data from various origins, seamlessly integrating it into your Moodle through APIs. This empowers you to automate tasks such as enrolling learners and educators, tracking course attendance, managing grades, and other actions, all guided by predefined rules and prerequisites.

  • Enable Adaptive Learning

    Using an advanced Generative AI-based module, we extract content from multiple sources to distill it in alignment with the unique needs of learners. Our AI Chatbots then finesse content delivery, tailoring it to learner styles and preferences. We also tap into historical data for an extra performance boost, resulting in a masterpiece of hyper-personalized learning journeys and materials.

  • Analyze Learner Performance

    Upgrade your Moodle with our adaptive assessment engines, powered by IRT 3PL technology. It gauges learner knowledge and skills through their responses and adjusts the questions for an accurate analysis. Our AI and machine learning capabilities fine-tune course benchmarks for peak performance. With Generative AI, we even create assessment banks that seamlessly integrate into the adaptive assessment process.

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