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Case Study

Data Integration for a Leading University

Key Result Highlights

  • Streamlined integration of data from diverse sources, ensuring real-time accuracy and efficiency.
  • Successfully implemented a secure dashboard, optimizing decision-making across departments.
  • Improved workflow dynamics, reducing manual efforts and a significant increase in user adoption.

The Client

The client is a premier public institution that is dedicated to providing accessible education and cultivating a global-class learning environment for diverse student backgrounds.

The Challenge

The university wanted to manage and integrate data from various sources to create a comprehensive cross-departmental dashboard. They aimed to have a secure dashboard that displays accurate authorized access-specific details, optimizing decision-making processes across the institution.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Implement a system enabling users to access data using the student’s BannerID.
    • Develop a PowerBI dashboard showcasing visualizations of 35 relevant data elements in the current phase.
    • Integrate the dashboard with a Single Sign-On (SSO) system to ensure seamless and secure user authentication.
    • Create a view-only dashboard as a requirement for the current implementation phase.

Our Approach

    • Constructed a dynamic dashboard using Magic’s Deepsight technology, integrating data from various sources.
    • Developed a centralized database or data warehouse to store and consolidate integrated data.
    • Implemented robust data governance and quality management, ensuring accurate metadata collection and application of business rules to upstream and downstream data.
    • Designed an intuitive dashboard interface with user-friendly navigation and visualization elements.
    • Leveraged AI models for precise document identification, classification, and segregation.

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