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Case Study

Streamlining Data Governance and Decision-Making for a Leading University

Key Result Highlights

  • Power BI implementation reduced data analysis time by 30%.
  • Customized filter decreased search time by 40% for each department.
  • Real-time data updates by Power BI reduced time needed to access the latest student metrics by 50%.
  • Dashboard decreased reliance on IT department for report generation by 60% during peak admissions time.

The Client

The client is a premier public institution that is dedicated to providing accessible education and cultivating a global-class learning environment for diverse student backgrounds.

The Challenge

The university’s data comprising both static and dynamic information, presented complexities. They wanted to manage and integrate data from various sources, including in-house applications and external systems to create a comprehensive cross-departmental dashboard. They aimed to have a secure dashboard that displays accurate authorized access-specific details, optimizing decision-making processes across the institution.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Implement a system enabling users to access data using the student’s BannerID and and secure interfaces.
    • Develop a PowerBI dashboard showcasing visualizations of 35 relevant data elements in the current phase.
    • Integrate the dashboard with a Single Sign-On (SSO) system to ensure seamless and secure user authentication.
    • Create a view-only dashboard as a requirement for the current implementation phase.
    • Apply strategic metadata collection and business rules for governance.

Our Approach

    • Constructed a dynamic dashboard using Magic’s Deepsight for data consolidation and a well-designed schema.
    • Developed a centralized database or data warehouse to store and consolidate integrated data.
    • Implemented robust data governance and quality management framework, applying meticulous business rules to ensure consistency, accuracy, and adherence to predefined standards.
    • Designed an intuitive dashboard interface with user-friendly navigation and visualization elements.
    • Established key relationships between different datasets for comprehensive analysis.
    • Ensured Personally Identifiable Information (PII) security through authentication and authorization measures.

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