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Magic EdTech can help you reimagine legacy content to create enriched immersive experiences. The design teams work closely with you to ensure an engaging interactive digital content output. A rich repository of tools provides a high fidelity outcome and ensures final deliverables that exceed industry standards.

eBook conversion services, ePub formatting, Kindle conversion from Magic EdTech


  • Create fixed layout, responsive, and interactive ePUBs and workbooks. Reimagine legacy content to new age design paradigms with our interactive content services.

Magic EdTech Digital first content

Digital First Content

  • Convert existing content to new age authoring platforms. Create templates for rapid conversion with enhanced learning outcomes.

Magic EdTech Enrich content

Enriched Content

  • Create immersive learning experiences by enriching existing content with new age interactive elements that improve reader engagement.


Utilizing existing print/digital content and transforming the same into digital components via the use of tailored (Magic EdTech's proprietary) automation tools and design processes.

interactive digital content

Process and Tools

  • Accommodate individual needs of publishers, authors, or self-publishers
  • Handle high complexity manuscripts in a variety of sizes and formats
  • Use of proven tools to accelerate transformation to high-quality outcomes
interactive content services


  • Experience with top 10 publishing houses across multiple disciplines and languages
  • Deep expertise in transforming Science, Social Science, and Math content
Improve your business value by using Magic EdTech Interactive Digital Content

Business Value

  • 10-15% yearly cost reduction commitment in managed content production
  • 100% content fidelity
  • Reusable unified pattern library for continuous savings
  • Continuous innovation through automation and process re-engineering