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Case Study

Streamlined Virtual Labs Product Development For a Major Publisher

Key Result Highlights

  • 35% cost savings.
  • 2 Prototypes Created
  • Set up a team of Curriculum Consultant, Instructional Designer, UX Researcher, & Technology Architect. Created 2 working prototypes of the new labs and got them approved by the client

The Client

The client is a leading K12 publisher.

The Challenge

The client is looking to supplement their core curriculum with innovation digital virtual labs that could help students apply what they learn and enhance their learning efficacy. They were facing challenges when it came to getting the prototypes of these labs right and align them with curriculum and NGSS standards. The costs spiraled out of control.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Create a style guide and outline user experience guidelines
    • Build curriculum design and story board frameworks
    • Create development guidelines and 2 prototype labs

Our Solution

    • Magic set up a team of curriculum consultants, instructional designers, UX reseacher and technology architect.
    • We conducted stakeholder interviews to understand the goals and evaluated the work done so far.
    • We worked closely with client product teams to develop additional resources to be used by the editorial teams, design teams, and development teams.
    • We created 2 working prototypes of the new labels and got them approved by the client.

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