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Bias Detection

Don’t let bias, ableist language, insensitive content, and unfair representation creep into your content and impact a learner’s experience.

Use AI-enabled workflows to detect and eliminate them before your content reaches your users.
How We Can Help
  • Content Analysis

    Understanding your content strategy and structure to identify the potentially problematic areas

  • bias Detection

    Using our AI tool to run through the content and detect bias, insensitivity, and unfair representation

  • Mitigation Strategies

    Helping you create strategies and workflows to eliminate the bias detected and putting guardrails in place for future content

Our bias Detection In Numbers
  • 100+
    eBooks & Course Material Evaluated
  • 3000+
    3000 Gender, Racial, & Age Bias Instances Eliminated
BIAS Detection

Detecting & Eliminating bias From The Reading Curriculum of a Large U.S Publisher

e-books Evaluated
Bias Instances Eliminated

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