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Case Study

Achieving Comprehensive WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance for an eLearning Platform

Key Result Highlights

  • Identified and remediated ~1.3K accessibility defects across Student, Instructor, and Admin workflows.
  • Delivered a WCAG -compliant product within 12 months, 2 months ahead of schedule, with an average velocity of 150 story points per sprint.
  • Achieved full platform compliance, creating an inclusive learning environment.
  • Submitted a VPAT report showcasing the platform's improvement post-remediation.
  • Nominated for the 2023 Learning Impact Awards by IMS Global for the exceptional product.

The Client

The client is a prominent e-learning company based in the US, specializing in comprehensive online learning solutions. Their offerings include a synchronous teaching platform integrated with customized programs focused on K-8 Reading and Math.

The Challenge

The client faced a significant challenge in addressing accessibility issues within their web-based platform, specifically targeting the Student & Teacher Portal. The primary goal was to ensure that the platform complied with WCAG 2.1 AA standards, making it accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Understand the business needs and goals to ensure alignment with cost and timeline efficiencies.
    • Develop guidelines for common accessibility issues and their remediation strategies to ensure consistent and efficient issue resolution.
    • Engage accessibility experts to provide valuable insights and feedback.
    • Integrate automated testing with manual evaluations to ensure a comprehensive assessment of accessibility compliance and user experience.

Our Approach

    • Collaborated closely with the customer for planning, prioritizing, and execution, ensuring agility, transparency, and quality.
    • Involved accessibility consultants, including individuals with disabilities and assistive technology users, to oversee the remediation work.
    • Implemented technical fixes to address accessibility issues, optimizing code for screen readers, enhancing keyboard navigation, and ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies.

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