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Case Study

LMS Integration for an Astronomy Learning App

Key Result Highlights

  • Improved user engagement and participation due to the enhanced features and functionalities via LTI integration.
  • Reduced technical support requests or issues related to the integration.
  • Decreased administrative burden with automated user data entry and group creation through successful LTI integration.

The Client

The client is an innovative online telescope service dedicated to making cosmic exploration accessible for everyone. They offer online telescopes, educational resources, and community engagement initiatives to deliver engaging and authentic experiences for everyone.

The Challenge

The client sought to enhance its integration with various LMSs. They wanted a seamless transfer of user information from external LMSs, including incorporating Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities and ensuring GDPR compliance. Balancing platform accessibility with strict privacy standards posed a unique challenge, requiring top-tier data security and privacy measures.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Understand the client’s unique business model, objectives, and technical requisites for a tailored solution.
    • Collaborate effectively with client stakeholders, including technical experts and educators, to align the proposed solution with their vision and objectives.
    • Develop a robust technical architecture for seamless integration with multiple LMSs, prioritizing data security and scalability for project success.

Our Approach

    • Conducted in-depth consultations to grasp the client’s integration needs, focusing on data import requirements and user experience objectives.
    • Designed a flexible and scalable architecture adhering to industry best practices, ensuring seamless integration with diverse Learning Management Systems (LMSs).
    • Implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) using industry-standard protocols like OAuth for secure authentication across LMSs.
    • Developed custom data mapping solutions for the smooth transfer of user information from different LMSs to the client’s platform.
    • Provided comprehensive technical documentation for the client’s team to efficiently manage and maintain the integrated system.

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