Who Would be Magic’s Clients?



Your Challenges

Publishers have to invest heavily to compete in the digital world without the certainty of adequate monetary return. Their current revenue models of print and digital products need to be seriously reevaluated. Clearly, publishers have huge content assets that are yet to be fully exploited in the digital world.
The adoption rate for digital learning products is still below par. New mandates challenge publishers to make their content accessible for wider user segments. Increasing competition from OER funded by philanthropic and state initiatives pose serious threats to revenue models. Digital content distribution is still challenged by a fragmented LMS environment in schools. The ability to measure the outcome and effectiveness of digital products delivered will determine future revenues. Less


Magic’s Experience

Magic EdTech has over 27 years of experience helping publishers build and deliver digital learning products. Magic has built technology platforms that help publishers author, convert, enrich, and deliver digital content for effective learning.
Magic understands how to build digital learning products that are more immersive, accessible, and mobile for different markets globally. Magic understands the learning analytics on content delivered with its pre-built analytics dashboard. Less


Educational Technology

Educational Tech

Your Challenges

EdTech companies have time-to-market challenges to deliver solutions to their clients without increasing costs. Scaling their in-house team to continue to support their current platforms is challenging. The e-learning market is evolving at a fast pace as new technologies like AI make current solutions less cost effective.
EdTech companies are threatened by bigger players who could consolidate solutions into their existing ecosystem. Unless these edtech companies innovate continuously and deliver solutions at a lower cost, they will get left behind in the dust of rapidly evolving technology and buried by the strict compliance requirements mandated by state and other agencies. Less


Magic’s Experience

We have partnered with several edtech companies to build platforms and provide QA/support services, as well as to maintain and manage their platforms at a lower cost using onshore-offshore hybrid delivery models. We have co-developed IP for edtech companies to lower the overall cost of ownership.
Magic can share the risks and rewards of the investment in a technology build-out for edtech companies, thus making it easy for them to address new markets and deliver world class solutions. Less


Educational Institutions

Educational Institution

Your Challenges

Educational institutions often have students and teachers sign in to multiple portals to access content from different sources/publishers/edtech companies. The cost of managing different systems and student information in each system is increasing. Measuring the learning outcome and effectiveness of digital products will be the key to managing your budget.

Magic’s Experience

Magic EdTech has delivered digital content to over 1.8 million students in schools and we have integrated single sign-on services like OneRoster and Clever for seamless access to digital learning products on its platform.
Magic’s out-of-the-box Digital Rights Management platform gives you flexibility in the way access can be set up for your students and teachers. Magic’s learning analytic solution can help your educational institution track and monitor students’ learning progress. Less


Who Can Be Magic’s Partners?

Editorial Partners

Editorial Partner

Your Challenges

Editorial teams lack the sales and business development bandwidth to do outreach to large publishing houses and edtech companies. Editorial teams lack the ability to provide global delivery models and complete product development services. These teams may need additional scale and multidisciplinary capabilities. This is where Magic EdTech can help you!

Magic’s Experience

Our existing account teams manage relationships with several publishing houses. Additionally, we have access to several decision makers. Magic EdTech provides full product development services and offerspartners with editorial teams a complete development solutions for its clients.

Technology Partners

Tech Partner

Your Challenges

Technology partners who have innovative point solutions often lack direct relationships with publishing houses and edtech companies. You may need help with implementation of your solutions within a larger ecosystem. Magic EdTech works with its technology partners by offering out-of-the-box integration solutions that will help you deliver your products to your end clients.

Magic’s Experience

Magic EdTech has existing account teams who manage relationships with several publishing houses/edtech companies and have access to several decision makers. We provide full product development services and often take point solutions and deliver these as complete solutions to clients. We take on additional risks to deliver the solution to the end client.

Thought Leaders–Who Can Be a Part of Magic’s Team?



Your Challenges

Professionals who understand the content and technology solutions are often limited by their current organization’s focus on old business models. It makes sense that you want to offer your clients new generation solutions. This may include widening your client base globally by engaging with clients in multiple countries to create long-term relationships.

Magic’s Experience

Magic EdTech is an entrepreneurial set-up that provides a platform for its team members to innovate for clients. Our existing client base consists of companies with a global presence. These clients enjoy long, stable relationships, which also gives our team opportunities to excel. We have worked with clients on multiple engagement models, so our team members can draw on past experiences to create win-win models.


Magic has a wide range of solutions and offerings that provide complete solutions to its clients, and this provides its team members to create long lasting value for its clients. Less

The Idea

Magic EdTech helps its clients build digital learning products that are accessible, affordable, scalable, and measurable. Magic brings its expertise in technology, content, and platforms to design, build, test, and deliver the world’s premier digital learning products.

Magic's Story

Magic began its journey in 1990 with the simple idea of leveraging digital technology to bring learning to life. In 1990, digital meant K–12 textbooks and content on a videocassette tape and delivering content on a CD-ROM. Over the years, Magic has reimagined content to utilize different digital technologies and create an immersive learning experience that makes learning accessible and affordable to everyone. Magic has served over 60 global education publishing and edtech companies and has a long-standing relationship with leading publishers like Pearson, HMH, and McGraw-Hill Education.
Magic blends technology and content to deliver dynamic, leading-edge digital learning products. MagicBoxTM is an industry-leading, cloud-based digital learning platform that is used by over 1.8 million students globally. Magic is known in the industry as a go-to company for the accessibility and mobility needs of those in the education business. Magic’s platform and content teams partner with clients to build the latest industry solutions for digital assessments and successful learning outcomes. Digital integration is on the rise in every segment of education Magic sees itself as a leader in providing technology, content services, and digital platforms that make learning accessible, affordable, and measurable. Less


Our Subject/Content Competencies


  • Science
  • Math
  • English
  • Social Studies

Higher Ed

  • STEM
  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • Computer Studies
  • Marketing


  • Tech Ed
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy

Our Technology and Content Domain Expertise

Standard Compliance Edupub, ePub3, COPPA, FERPA
Interoperability Standards LTI, QTI, Common Cartridge
Digital Credentials Open Badges, CLR, CASE
Analytics OneRoster, Caliper, CPS, LIS
Google Analytics, TinCan
Accessibility WCAG 2.1, Sec 508
Support for content type ePub3, HTML, XML, Video, Audio, Animation
Assessment, Course, Interactivities
Authoring Tools Inkling, Chaucer, mAuthor (Magic’s IP)
Identity Management SSO, SAML, ADFS, Oauth 2.0, Shibbleth, LDAP,
Content migration Flash to HMTL, pdf to epub3, XML to epub3
Design consideration UDL, Data Privacy, Content Piracy,

Magic uses existing IP for building robust platforms to improve success and time to market

Learning Platforms
Systems Landscape
Content Distribution Authoring platform Online Public Library
Analytics Platform eCommerce Marketplace Program Management for
Assessment platform Student Information Learning Institute
Assistive Mobile App fonon-verbal learner Learning Management
Magic’s IP and Reusable
Content management Notification framework Collaboration
Assessments Engine Analytics Engine Chat Bot
Digital Rights Management Licensing Management eReader
District & School Market place

Our Technology Landscape

Magic is helping its customer in utilizing new age technology in delivering the learning platforms

Cloud Platform
Language & Platform
Web Server Framework
Web Client Framework
Big Data & Analytics
Device Apps

The Team

Magic has expertise in several industry-leading technologies as shown below.

Magic Team Mix

Depicts the percentage of split In Accessibility, Mobility, Immersive, Assessment, Learning Analytics and Platforms with maximum percentage in Immersive section.
Depicts Split between Content, Technology and helpdesk with maximum expertise mentioned in the content.