Explore worlds that no longer exist. Revisit those that do. Magic EdTech helps build visually-rich and creative learning content in augmented and virtual reality to accelerate learning via exploration and discovery in virtual worlds. This allows learners to experience worlds we can only begin to imagine. AR and VR content is linked to the curriculum to add a new dimension to learning.

3D Augmented Reality Tools

3D AR Tools

  • Create highly interactive and engaging experiences for learners to visually explore the world in 3D. Our designers create exceptionally high quality 3D models to reflect the real world, which makes learning fun.

Augmented Reality Games

AR Games

  • Create great AR learning games that respond to the real world, track objects, and allow learners to engage in imaginative ways. This makes learning fun like never before.

Real World Object Tracking

Real-World Tracking Tools

  • Build apps that use real-world object tracking methods to allow learning based on object movements. Tools help learners observe the laws of physics and play with geometry or mathematical concepts in real time.

Virtual Reality VR

Virtual Reality

  • Create truly immersive apps and games that have exceptionally high-quality 3D content. Learners engage with the virtual world by simply pointing to objects in 3D space.


Ready to Use Framework AR

Ready-To-Use Framework

  • Templated development process helps scale up faster while lowering costs
  • Library of APIs to provide functionality around commonly used user actions
  • Built-in assessments and user action data capture for analytics
End to End Development AR

End-to-End Development

  • Magic EdTech’s SME and design teams create AR and VR experiences that link directly with your curriculum content.
  • We help embed lesson activities followed by assessments that link to the topics in course or curriculum.