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Ready-to-Use Frameworks


Accessibility Enabled
Create e-Reader through Magic EdTech platform


  • Create powerful and feature-rich readers and players to distribute interactive learning content while capturing user data for analytics.

Magic EdTech build games for various projects


  • Build highly engaging games for various subjects. Our technology solutions help create immersive learning gaming experiences that blend mobile, web, AR and VR media.

Magic EdTech creates Virtual labs for science, math and social science.

Virtual Labs

  • Create immersive mobile content for Science, Math, and Social Science. Our technology solutions help you rapidly develop high-quality content that aligns with National and State standards.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality mobile apps

Augmented Reality

  • Build visually rich learning content in augmented reality that allows for exploration and discovery. Use our existing frameworks for rapid development.


Accessibility mobile products from Magic EdTech

Accessibility Products

Our team has years of experience developing accessible mobile products. We bring our expertise to every aspect of the development cycle so that your products are born accessible

Mobile apps design development for Educational industry by Magic EdTech

Focused on Learning Outcome

Our experience is deep-rooted in education, and that helps us conceptualize and develop a product with the student in mind

Experience the best solutions


We have developed mobile products across subjects and grade levels from simple to complex